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Registration Options and Pricing

For Students

We are pleased to offer students discounted rates for general sessions and optional courses. A copy of your student photo ID and school-fee payment slip must be faxed or mailed. Note: To be eligible for student rates, you must either be registered and in good standing in the Objectivist Academic Center or attend a free Objectivist Academic Center information session on Sunday, July 1, from 5:10 to 6:10 PM.


When registering, please inform us of any dietary restrictions.

Meal Pricing
  General Attendee/Student Child (12 and under) Register By
Welcome Reception and Dinner
June 30
$115 $55 Tuesday,
June 26
Free Market Revolution Lunch
July 4
$39 $17 Thursday,
June 28
Academic Panel Lunch
July 5
$39 $17 Thursday,
June 28
The Past, Present and Future of the Ayn Rand Archives
July 6
$39 $17 Sunday,
July 1
ARI Campus Lunch
July 7
$39 $17 Monday,
July 2
Closing Reception, Dinner & Dance
July 8
$125 $55 Monday,
July 2

General Sessions

One convenient option is available that registers you for ten general sessions. (Note: The ARI Presentation do not require advance registration.) [details]

General Session Pricing
  General Attendee Student
Discount Pricing
Available through March 31, 2012
$650 $295
Pricing after March 31, 2012 $735 $340

Tickets for individual sessions are also available; call us toll-free at 1-800-365-6552, ext. 239, for more information.

Optional Courses

Most optional courses are available in both Session 1 and Session 2, so attendees can maximize the number of courses they plan to attend. Optional courses are letter-coded (A–C, see our Conference Schedule) by daily time slot. For instance, “A” courses meet three times during each session, 9:40–10:40 AM, for a total of three hours of class time. Remember that you can only select one course from each letter group, A–C, per session, so if you want to attend two “A” courses, for example, you must attend one in Session 1 (July 1–4) and one in Session 2 (July 5–8). Details about special events can be found on our Events page.

Pricing for Optional Courses and Events
  Discount pricing available through March 31, 2012 Pricing after March 31, 2012
General Attendee Student General Attendee Student
“A” Courses $95 $47.50 $115 $57.50
“B” Courses $125 $62.50 $150 $75
“C” Courses $95 $47.50 $115 $57.50
Introduction to Ayn Rand’s Philosophy: Objectivism, All Six Classes $190 $95 $230 $115
Introduction to Ayn Rand’s Philosophy: Objectivism, Single Classes $35 $17.50 $40 $20

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