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Dear Reader:

I am pleased to introduce the Objectivist Summer Conference 2010 Web site. This year's conference takes place from July 2–10 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Objectivist Conferences is the premier venue for high-caliber presentations by Objectivist scholars, and that is what we bring you this year as Leonard Peikoff presents “The DIM Hypothesis” (part 2), the six-part sequel to the groundbreaking series of lectures that he delivered to our conference attendees in 2007. This year’s conference offers eleven general session lectures, sixteen optional courses and a variety of social activities and special events.

In addition to Dr. Peikoff’s lectures, we will bring you lectures and courses on a broad spectrum of topics, including politics (my general session lecture, titled “Defending Capitalism”); writing (“Writing Objectively” by Keith Lockitch); history (“Reformation and Religious Wars [1517–1648]” by Andrew Lewis); and poetry (“Making Poetry Part of Your Life” by Lisa VanDamme). I am also pleased to announce that there will be a special Q&A celebrating ARI’s 25th anniversary, hosted by Michael S. Berliner and myself.

The conference takes place in the exciting setting that only Las Vegas can provide. Besides the renowned glamour of the Vegas Strip, the area boasts excellent shopping and restaurants, and landmarks such as Hoover Dam (subject of a general session lecture by Talbot Manvel).

We are looking forward to an inspiring and memorable conference—we hope to see you there!

Dr. Yaron Brook

P.S. Enroll by April 4 to take advantage of discount pricing.

P.P.S. For students there are a number of registration options at significantly reduced rates; see our registration options and pricing page for more details.


Within this site you'll find all the information you need to plan your trip to Objectivist Summer Conference 2010, and to select the best registration options for you and your family.

For an overview of the course content offered at this year's conference, look to our General Sessions listing, and to the Optional Courses and Events pages. Speaker bios are on our Faculty page. We've assembled some information on the Las Vegas local area, including the Red Rock Resort, our meeting facility. There is also a page for details about our popular Dance Workshop. And once you've made your selections of conference courses and events, our registration form and instructions can be found on our Registration page.

To maximize your enjoyment of Objectivist Summer Conference 2010, we recommend making air and lodging arrangements early—and if you have any further questions, please call 1-800-365-6552, ext. 239, for more information.

What attendees said about last year's conference:

  • "I really appreciate the fact that the optional courses encompass such a wide variety of topics, from metaphysics to epistemology to psychology, esthetics and history."
  • "I particularly enjoyed the dialogue with other Objectivists that takes place outside of the formal conference sessions."
  • "This was my first conference, and the quality of the speakers and presentations exceeded my expectations."
  • "Each year that I attend I value even more my interactions with fellow Objectivists, both teachers and attendees."


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