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Dance Workshop: The Cha Cha

Marilyn George and Ted Gray
Session 1: Wednesday, July 2; 8–9:30 PM (followed by open social dancing)

Cha Cha is the most popular of the Latin dances. It is a lively, playful and flirty dance, with an easy-to-understand rhythm and an unmistakable beat. Cha Cha is a dance in which the man shows off the woman as he flirts with her. As in most Latin dances, there is no body contact and the dance is done on a spot. Cha Cha will appeal to people who enjoy swing dancing, as the dances share many of the same figures. Also this dance can be adapted to much rock and roll music. In the course, Ted and Marilyn Gray teach Cha Cha for beginners. They cover the nature of the music, dance position, basic step pattern, leading, following and additional figures. (Dancing is easier in leather-soled shoes, if you have them.)


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