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Dear Reader:

Welcome to the Web site for Objectivist Summer Conference 2007. Objectivist Conferences is the premier venue for high-caliber presentations by Objectivist scholars, and that is what you can expect this year as we celebrate the 50th anniversary of Atlas Shrugged in Telluride, Colorado. In this spirit, we have assembled a broad array of lectures and events, highlighted by a six-lecture presentation by Leonard Peikoff from his forthcoming book, "The DIM Hypothesis." The conference will include ten general session lectures, sixteen optional courses, a panel discussion and a series of special events.

In addition to Dr. Peikoff’s pathbreaking lectures, subjects covered in our courses include law, physics, history, mathematics, economics, literature and the development of Ayn Rand’s ethics and writing—with emphasis on Atlas Shrugged throughout the conference.

The location we’ve chosen for this summer’s festivities is Telluride, Colorado—a beautiful mountain setting with a variety of choices for lodging and activities, and a scenic gondola ride to our conference center in Mountain Village (elevation 9,540 feet).

We also offer you a spectrum of special events to choose from, with dance workshops, meals, two formal dress banquets and a day-long trip to Ouray, Colorado—the scenic valley town that inspired Ayn Rand’s vision of Galt’s Gulch.

This will be an unforgettable conference, both for its content and for its beautiful setting. We hope to see you there!

Dr. Yaron Brook

P.S. Enroll by March 15 to take advantage of discount pricing.

P.P.S. For students there are a number of registration options at significantly reduced rates; see our registration options and pricing for more details.


Within this site you'll find all the information you need to plan your trip to Objectivist Summer Conference 2007, and to select the best registration options for you and your family.

For an overview of the course content offered at this year's conference, look to our General Sessions listing, and to the optional courses and events pages. Speaker bios are on our faculty page. We've assembled information on travel and lodging, along with background information on the Telluride local area, including the Telluride Conference Center, our meeting facility. There is a page for details about our July 11 tour of Ouray, and another that describes our popular dance workshops. And once you've made your selections of conference courses and events, our registration form and instructions can be found on our registration page.

To maximize your enjoyment of Objectivist Summer Conference 2007, we recommend making air and lodging arrangements early—and if you have any further questions, please call 1-800-365-6552, ext. 239, for more information.

What attendees said about last year's conference:

  • "It was absolutely thrilling to attend the conference. It was my first, and it was all I hoped it would be … enjoyable, informative and inspirational."
  • "I was extremely impressed by the speakers’ knowledge. Their lectures were truly inspiring."
  • "I enjoyed meeting other attendees and made new friendships based on important shared values … I won’t miss another OCON summer conference."


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